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What Does a Marketing Consultant Do?

by Eric Lebowitz


A little while back, we published a post entitled “3 Benefits of Using a Small Business Marketing Consultant (you can read that post here). In some of our recent conversations with prospects and industry peers, we realized that many organizations are still unsure of what a marketing consultant or consulting agency actually does.

To be sure, most consultants and agencies have specialties and areas of strength. For instance, our firm focuses on the inbound marketing methodology, while other agencies may focus on design or video production.

In the digital marketing arena, best-of-breed agencies will typically offer a few core services that are critical to a robust marketing strategy:

Professional SEO Services:

The word professional is critical here, because it implies a certain level of expertise that your organization should look for in a marketing agency. One of the most important elements to consider in choosing a firm that offers SEO help is that the agency has a defined process for implementing a strategy. Typically, that process should include a website evaluation, thorough SEO audit, documentation of recommended changes and a step-by-step implementation plan.

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Marketing Automation Consulting:

Marketing automation has become such a crucial piece of modern marketing that it is important that a digital marketing firm has expertise in this area. Whether you have already chosen a platform and are looking for assistance in maximizing its value, or you are looking for help in choosing a system, it is important to choose a partner that maintains relevant certifications. The Forward Marketer, as an example, is a HubSpot certified partner and we maintain a number of other certifications, such as Email Marketing, Inbound Methodology and Content Marketing. But even if you are looking at HubSpot alternatives, like Marketo or Pardot, any partner you choose should be able to demonstrate that it has the expertise to help you get the most out of your platform.

Social Media Management Services:

Social media is a critical piece of lead generation and brand awareness today, but let’s face it—it takes up a lot of time. Maintaining a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram—not to mention Snapchat, Pinterest, Tumblr and others—can seem like an insurmountable, overwhelming proposition. A marketing consultant or agency can take over management of these channels for you, ensuring you are adhering to best practices and staying engaged in relevant social conversations. Beyond posting to your own corporate social accounts, a marketing consultant can also make sure you are posting and responding to content in specialized forums, like LinkedIn groups or even Reddit forums.

Content Marketing Services:

In today’s digital landscape, high-quality content is an integral part of demand generation and brand awareness. SEO relies on indexed content and a thoughtful keyword strategy, and premium content can be used effectively as a lead capture mechanism, sitting behind gated landing pages. Email marketing, account-based marketing, and even outbound calling campaigns all rely heavily on content creation as well. As such, even organizations with in-house content creators may need some outside help to fill all of their content needs—and that is where a marketing consultant with a content background can be extremely valuable.


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