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3 Benefits of Using a Small Business Marketing Consultant

by Eric Lebowitz posted in Marketing Trends 2017, marketing consulting, marketing for small businesses, SMB marketing, marketing consultant, affordable seo services, small business marketing consultant

 In many of the conversations we have with both prospective clients and small business owners in general, a common theme emerges around marketing. These small-and-medium-sized business (SMB) leaders are looking for ways to improve brand awareness and increase lead generation efficiently and cost-effectively but often lack the time or marketing expertise to do it themselves. It is a perfectly understandable conundrum, because if you own a automobile service station, for instance, you are probably an expert at fixing cars — but not necessarily at marketing your business.   

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Looking Forward...Marketing for 2017 and Beyond

by Eric Lebowitz posted in Marketing Automation, Marketing Trends 2017, Social Media

 Welcome to The Forward Marketer blog! We are thrilled to be able to begin sharing our insights and expertise, and with 2017 just a few weeks old, it makes sense to start by discussing what we think marketing will look like in the year to come. 

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