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Looking Forward...Marketing for 2017 and Beyond

by Eric Lebowitz


 Welcome to The Forward Marketer blog! We are thrilled to be able to begin sharing our insights and expertise, and with 2017 just a few weeks old, it makes sense to start by discussing what we think marketing will look like in the year to come. 

One of the primary reasons we started The Forward Marketer and chose to offer a wide array of services is that we were hearing from business contacts, friends and family members that the marketing landscape is changing so quickly that it was becoming extremely difficult to keep up with the rate of change.

Just when organizations were beginning to wrap their arms around how to leverage Facebook as a marketing tool, they began to hear that they needed a strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus as well. Just as marketers began to successfully measure content engagement, they were told by leadership that they needed a way to measure marketing's impact on revenue through all of its various activities. 

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And the change keeps coming, faster and faster. Just look at Forbes' list of trends driving marketing in 2017; it includes terms like:

  • Marketing automation  
  • Analytics 2.0
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital transformation       

It is crucial to understand that not every marketing trend, technology or tactic makes sense for every business. Furthermore, No company can execute every available marketing activity flawlessly. The recipe for marketing success in 2017 and beyond is to understand where your individual business's time and money is best spent and what areas of marketing focus will generate the most robust ROI — and that's where The Forward Marketer offers value to its clients.

We are committed to taking a holistic approach view of your business and understanding how we can help you reach your goals. Whether we are managing your social accounts so you can spend time on other tasks or helping you develop an entire inbound marketing strategy, our goal is not about improving your marketing efforts in a vacuum; rather, we focus on helping you leverage modern marketing tools and strategies to achieve business objectives. 

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